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    Seam Less Copper Bottle
    100% Pure Copper
  • Plastic Kills You
    Plastic Hazards
    Bisphenol A (BPA), Dioxins, Polycarbonate leads to
    exposure to cancers
    Impaired immune function
    Early onset of puberty
  • Long Live
    100% Natural & Traditional Protection by Yours Home Doctor
  • 20 Reasons / Benifits   to buy
    1. Copper helps in preventing cancer.
    2. Copper helps in regulating women's healthy
    menstrual periods.
    3. Copper helps in regulating obesity.
    4. Copper helps in regulating thyroid glands.
    5. Copper helps in maintaining digestive health.
    6. Copper helps in reducing bad cholesterol.
    7. Copper helps in increasing good cholesterol.
    8. Copper helps in maintaining cardiovascular health.
    9. Copper helps in healing wounds and relieving pains.
    10. Copper helps in inhibiting growth of harmful
    bacteria like E.Coli.
    11. Copper helps in preventing cell damage and slows aging.
    12. Copper helps in preventing seizures.
    13. Copper helps in formation of new cells, iron absorption, and
    sugar absorption.
    14. Copper helps in stimulating brain.
    15. Copper helps in inhibiting growth of harmful bacteria
    like Staphylococcus.
    16. Copper helps in preventing amoebiasis, diarrhea, cholera,
    jaundice, and other water borne diseases.
    17. Copper helps in arthritis and other
    inflammatory pains as anti inflammatory.
    18. Copper helps in preventing degenerative diseases, heart diseases,
    autoimmune diseases, arthritis, cataracts, Alzheimer's disease, and diabetes.
    19. Copper helps in hemoglobin synthesis,
    bone strength and immunity building.
    20. Copper helps in production of melanin in our bodies.
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How to Clean Instructions for Cleaning:
Do not use a coarse scrub to wash the inside of the bottle...

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